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DL360p / SA420i : Drives not showing 'configured' light

Occasional Advisor

DL360p / SA420i : Drives not showing 'configured' light



We have a new DL380p with a SA420i RAID controller.


Any disks placed in the first 4 bays do not light their 'configured' light - the 3 stacked disks showing they are configured on the array controller.


Moving the same disks to the second bay ( the second 4 drive bays ) causes the lights to come on as expected. We're seeing this on 300GB and 600GB 10K SAS drives, so it's not a batch problem.


We've run SUM and ensured we're all up to date on the firmware, drivers etc.


An HP engineer has changed the system board and the drivebay/enclosure.


Short of DOAing the server does anyone have any ideas? I'm not convinced that DOAing the server will get us far as the engineer swapped the system board, drive enclosures and cables which seems to be pretty much the whole server.


Anyone else seen this?