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DL360p direct connect to 3PAR 7200?

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DL360p direct connect to 3PAR 7200?

I'm in an interesting situation of inheriting a contract for IT engineering from a previous contractor that was fired. As a result I have a bunch of hardware that was ordered by the last guy that I have little to no understanding of what their intention was for it.

I have several sets of 4xDL360P servers and an accompanying 3PAR 7200 SAN.  I THINK the intention was to directly connect the dual HBAs on the DL360Ps to the 3PAR (no fiber switch, none was ordered).  While looking up the concept of direct connect, or flat SAN, to a 3PAR StoreServe 7000 series I keep seeing references to it being done with a c7000 blade system.  We have some other enclaves setup like that.  I can't find any reference in documentation of rack mount servers being directly connected to a 3PAR.

Does anyone know if you can directly connect a bunch of rack mount DL360s to a 3PAR 7000 series?  The HBAs work out to directly connect.  There are 4x fiber ports on each storage processor and 2 SPs (8 total).  Each serer has 2 HBAs.  In theory I could wire the first server HBA to the first SP and the second HBA to the second SP and it would work out perfectly.  I however have no way of knowing if this is a supported configuration.

Has anyone done this?  Does anyone know of any documentation describing this config?

Oh and the servers will be VMware ESXi hosts.


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Re: DL360p direct connect to 3PAR 7200?

Have you looked through SPOCK?


Yes, in general you want to connect one HBA of one server to one node and the other HBA to the other node.

So that if a node goes down, that server can still talk to the array.

 Your other topic:


>storage processor and 2 SPs


FYI: In 3PAR speak, these are nodes or controller nodes.  SP is the Service Processor, for management.