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DL365 (G1), Quickspecs: RAM & HDD capacity?

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DL365 (G1), Quickspecs: RAM & HDD capacity?

I believe that I've located the correct Quickspecs document for my 1st Generation Proliant DL365 servers. And, if I'm reading the spec's correctly:

  • the maximum memory supported by that generation of DL365 is 32 GB and
  • the maxiumum internal storage is 6x146 GB.

However, the DL365's in my lab currently have:

  • 4x8 GB plus 4x4 GB (48 GB) of RAM and
  • 6x300 GB SAS HDD's.

So my question is: Is this the correct set of Quickspecs for the First Generation DL365? And, if these are the correct Quickspecs:

  1. What is the maximum memory that can be installed and recognized and utilized by the motherboard?
  2. What is the largest SFF SAS/SATA HDD that can be installed and utilitized by the P400i RAID controller [w/ BBWC and 256 MB]?
  3. Can I reliably replace the 2.6 GHz dual-core AMD 2218 with the 2.3 GHz quad-core AMD 2356 (specified at the top of Page #2)?


Eric Pretorious

Re: DL365 (G1), Quickspecs: RAM & HDD capacity?

Hello Eric,

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Yes, this is the correct QuickSpecs for HP ProLiant DL365 Gen1 Server.

1. Up to 32GB of memory is supported and can be installed on the server, as this QuickSpecs will be released after testing the product in the lab.

2. According to QuickSpecs, you can install a SAS drive of 146GB and a SATA drive of 250GB.

3. Yes the processor can be replaced without any doubt, you can choose any processor from the available list in QuickSpecs.

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Mohd Rafiuddin
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