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DL365 Post 1611 Fan Failure


DL365 Post 1611 Fan Failure



I thought I would put down what I did to fix the issue in case it helps anyone else out there.


I had a DL 365 that would not boot up saying fan failure (fan 3) and then the server would shut it self down after 5 seconds to protect itself.   However the fan was working and spinning fine wihout any issue.


I tried everything to get the server working, replaced the fan, moved the fan to another cleaned the connectors and pressed down firmly on all the pins next to each fan. 


The solution for me was to replace the system board.  Someone suggested maybe reseting the BIOS or taking out and putting back the CMOS battery would clear any error messages. Any one have any thoughts on that?




Re: DL365 Post 1611 Fan Failure

If replacing the system I/O board, solved the problem, the you had a bad sys i/i bd.


Fan failure is a hardware failure.

1. Indicated fan is failed.

2. Bad connection.

3. Failed system I/O board.


There's no reson why you would want to remove that battery.

If you want to set tghe BIOS setting back to factory default. You have 2 options.

1. Open the RBSU (BIOS setup utility), using F9 or F10.

Here you will find option to reset the settings. But do take care, since you can choose to delete the RAID setup as well.

2. If you cant get to the RBSU. power off the server. remove the lid. look on the switch settings inside the lid.

set the switch for clear configuration. power on the server for 10 seconds. power off. and set switch back to default.


Also never clear the IML (Integrated Mangement Log (Servers hw error log)). But once you have fixed a HM problem. Mark it repaired. This way you will allways keep the HW failure log.

Some entries is marked repaired automatically, ei. fan failures. some need manual intervention.

And you can add maintenance notes in the IML. E.i. System bd replaced: mm/dd/yy or what ever you did to fix a HW problem.

And the IML can be exported :)




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