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DL365 & SuSE 9 SCSI Alarms

Christian Charette
Occasional Contributor

DL365 & SuSE 9 SCSI Alarms

I'm having difficulties getting SNMP alarms (or events logged in /var/log/messages) when I pull out a SCSI disk (mirrored) on my server.

We install the SuSE 9 SP3 minimized base on our systems.

On older servers (DL385 G1), I get logs and traps stating when logical or physical drives changed status after installing HP drivers:

3034 --> Logical Drive Status Changed from x to y
3046 --> Physical Drive Status Changed from x to y

Software I used to install is cciss 2.6.10-14 and hpasm 7.5.1-8 (Sept 2006).

We've since starting using the DL365, and I've had to download new drivers to support the hardware: cciss drivers (2.6.14-7) and hpasm (7.7.0-115).

I can get PSU alarms, FAN alarms, even NIC alarms (using cmanic driver) on the minimized SuSE. But I can't get the SCSI alarms to fire off.

Alarms do work only if I install a _FULL_ SuSE build. What this means is that I'm likely missing a package somewhere as a requirement that the documentation doesn't reveal.

I've noticed that you have to install OpenIPMI in the latest releases of HPASM, and was wondering if the documentation didn't leave out another package to get it working properly.

Anyone have similar issues?

Christian Charette
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL365 & SuSE 9 SCSI Alarms

More info:

Problems are seem to be caused by the cmaidad driver not being up and running properly.

/etc/init.d/hpasm status
Using standard Linux IPMI device driver and hpasm-lite

ipmi_msghandler module loaded.
ipmi_si module loaded.
ipmi_devintf module loaded.
/dev/ipmi0 exists.

hpasmlited is running... running

Status of Storage Agents (cmastor): cmaeventd cmaidad cmafcad cmaided cmascsid cmasasd

cmaeventd is stopped... running

cmaidad is stopped... running

cmafcad is stopped... running

cmaided is running... running

cmascsid is stopped... running

cmasasd is stopped... running

So the cmaidad is stopped (despite it saying running ?!?). Can't find it on a ps anyhow.

When I install the full SuSE, it is this driver which places messages in the syslog:

Mar 26 12:28:03 mp-04 cmaidad[7592]: Logical Drive Status Change: Slot 0, Drive: 1. Status is now Interim Recovery.
Mar 26 12:28:03 mp-04 cmaidad[7592]: Physical Drive Status Change: Slot 0 Port 1I Box 1 Bay 2. Status is now Failed.