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DL365G5 no network connection

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DL365G5 no network connection

Some strange problem with my DL365G5.

After a reboot of the server, the network connections were gone. The Operating System is Windows 2003 R2.
A lot of downloads later, I finally have succeeded to install new drivers for the NIC's, but it seems that the cards cannot get in good contact with the network. I have switched the network cables from another DL365G5 that is working fine, so that cannot be the problem. When I connect only one cable, the NIC sometimes get an IP address, the second one never. DHCP server is verified to work properly on the other DL365G5.

It looks like the NIC's receive data, but do not send anything.

Attached a NIC survey (hpnetsvy .> nic_survey.txt)

Re: DL365G5 no network connection

Hi RogierK,

Please follow the instructions given below.

A- Perform the following to clear the server CMOS:

Power the server OFF.
1.Set the System maintenance switch 6 to the ON position.
2.Power the server back ON.
3.After the server has completed the Power-On Self Test, power the server OFF.
4.Set the System maintenance switch 6 back to the OFF position.
5.Power the server back ON.

B- HP NC-Series Broadcom Online Firmware Upgrade Utility for Windows Server 2003/2008

And network driver reinstall.

C- HP NC-Series Broadcom 1Gb Multifunction Driver for Windows Server 2003

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Re: DL365G5 no network connection

Thanks for your help. Unfortunatelly, it didn't help.

It must be a software issue. I have put the HD's in the same order in another DL365 and booted it up. Exactly the same issue (this was after I tried the jumper 6 procedure and the installation of the software from the two URL's on the original machine).