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DL370 G6 not getting to POST

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DL370 G6 not getting to POST

Hi all,


So my work gifted me this server when it konked out on them last month. It has amber power led and a flashing red internal health light when I plug it in. Without me trying to turn it on, it will power cycle 3 times then wait a minute and try again. Until I unplug it. They never setup iLO, and I can't figure out how to connect to it. I have the stock user, password and dns(?) name, but I can't seem to see it when I connect via ethernet. The network ports have responsive green leds tho.

I *think* it's the ps backplane as there is no power at the PS1 connector. There is good signal coming from the PS2 connector tho, and I don't usually work on hardware so I have no idea if having the backplane on the bench testing it is why it doesn't have power to the PS1. I've read the backplane and psu's go bad on these fairly often, but I'd rather not buy a 100-200 dollar part for no reason. 

My other theory is that it's the system board, also a $200+ part...


I've reset the nvram, I've left plugged in overnight, and I've got it down to a single brand new compatible dimm. No hard drives installed. It does have both CPUs still slotted. I'd rather pull / swap sockets as a last resort.


Any ideas?