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DL370 G6 p410i RAID5 Predictive Failure


DL370 G6 p410i RAID5 Predictive Failure


I'm new to the enterprise server scene, but I've been asked to replace a hard drive in predictive failure mode on a DL370G6 with p410i controller. The array is a RAID5 array. I've read everything I've found so far, including instructions on rebuilding it, swapping drives, etc. The drives are 600GB 15K SAS drives. 

Here's the issue: I pulled the failing drive, let it rebuild to the hot spare, then replaced it with a brand new HP branded identical drive. The rebuild was fine, but then the new drive showed Predictive Failure mode as well as soon as the rebuild was done! There are a number of Hard Read Errors, but that's it. I RMA'ed the new drive, had a new one sent to me, and repeated the process, and this drive is also showing Predictive Failure! What are the chances that both new drives are DOA? Any thoughts on what could be causing this? 

Any help would be appreciated!


Re: DL370 G6 p410i RAID5 Predictive Failure

There was a certain period of time where the 1.2 TB drives failed at an alarming rate.  Seeing as how this is the second drive I would suggest making sure that your firmware is at the current level and then reseat the drive so that it rebuilds the array.  If that fails I would contact HP and send them the complete logs from your system so that they can tell you if something else (such as the array controller) is having an issue.  If you have multiple servers you could try putting one of the failed drives into a different server and seeing if the array rebuils with no errors.

Trent Smith