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DL370G6 Firmware

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DL370G6 Firmware



Having a few issues with one of our servers.


It has just had its mainboard replaced by HP.


Now it won't boot (it did yesterday after the engineer left)


I'm not convinced that calling the engineer back will resolve this issue in any kind of quick time frame (its also a PITA for me as I have to stand in the server room with him and I've done 7 hours of that this week so far!)




Main/Mother board replaced.


server boots but no video (can ping etc) so I know the OS is up.


but I need to reconfigure ILO as all the details have been blown away as part of the MB replacement. - fair enough... - but no video.. ummm


remove the two nvidia quadro 4000 cards and the server boots with video as expected. - excellent - now I get to configure ilo (done) and set the embedded display to secondary in RBSU.


Put the GPUs back in and it won't boot... no video no boot nothing


again as the MB has been replaced I thought firmware levels might be to blame here especially as the quadro cards are hardly standard fair..


anybody got any experience of these cards? - am I missing something obvious?


also how on earth does one find the latest firmware on the HP site... you know the bootable ISO one that does the whole lot.  searching on the HP site for 'proliant latest firmware' took me to a five - yes five year old firmware CD link...


What do folks think?





Joern W.

Re: DL370G6 Firmware

Hi BBCMicro,


the quickest way to the firmware DVD ISO image which is now called Service Pack for ProLiant and includes firmware and drivers:


Best regards, Joern.

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Re: DL370G6 Firmware



You can view the step by step instructions for updating SPP in a Proliant Server from the below HPGT URL:


For download, click on option->How to Download SPP

For Updating Firmware on Proliant, click on the option ->Updating Proliant Server Using SPP


Renji V


I am an HP employee.

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Re: DL370G6 Firmware



Thank you both for your instructions on how to get the latest firmware.


I will make it my task for this morning!


Thanks again



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Re: DL370G6 Firmware

Could be a matter of BIOS settings.


For the Nvidia to work set:

Remote Graphics on (CTRL + A - then Service options, then Remote Graphics mode).

Optional Primary (Nvidia), embedded Video disabled. (Advanced Options menu).


With the aboave setting, you will not see the POST on the nvidia.

You can see the POST through the ILo, or connect a monitor to the embedded video.

After POST you will get video on the Nvidia.




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Re: DL370G6 Firmware

PS. It is possible to configure the ILo, from the OS.