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DL370G6 PXE Boot

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DL370G6 PXE Boot


I have 4 DL370G6 with 2 NC364T and 1 NC522SFP in itch one.
I want to boot PXE on the NC364T but the only the NC522SFP is showing on POST!
in the Bios i can't chose the NIC to boot PXE.

Let me know if you want more eplanation

Re: DL370G6 PXE Boot



PXE Is Not Enabled by Default on Intel-Based HP Network Adapters and the Intel BootUtil Package Must Be Downloaded In Order to Make Networking Modifications to Those Adapters.


Refer to this article:




Alternate option from HP:

To enable this PXE feature, IBAUtil.exe is needed from the HP ProLiant Networking Software.

IBAUtil is a utility program that provides an alternative means for modifying the adapter configuration settings.


Download HP ProLiant Networking Software.

  1. While downloading the software from Step 1, make a bootable diskette (floppy) or USB to enable the server to boot to DOS. IBAUtil (for DOS) must be run with the computer booted to DOS only. This utility cannot be run in a DOS window in any Microsoft Windows product, or in DOS compatibility mode in IBM OS/2.

  2. Extract the files from the HP ProLiant Networking Software to a specific location (that is, C:\NC364T ).

  3. Go to *folder specified*\apps\bootagnt and copy IBAUtil.exe to the bootable media.

  4. Boot the server with the bootable media created in Step 2.

  5. Execute the following command:

                 ibautil -all -fe (if you want to enable pxe on all ports)
          or   ibautil -nic:# -fe (where # is the port you want to enable PXE)

    Now, you should be able to boot from PXE.


For more information on HP ProLiant Network Adapter Software and Configuration Guide.




Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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