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DL370G6 & Vsphere V5.0 / V4.1

Sebastian Dahlbruch
Occasional Contributor

DL370G6 & Vsphere V5.0 / V4.1

Hello there,

when one of our ESX Servers is rebooted the network isn't working anymore.

Unplugging and replugging the cable solves the issue but that is not the way it is supposed to work I guess.

The switch can't be the issue as this has already been exchanged.


We were running ESX 4.1.0 first and migrated one of the servers to ESXi V5.0.0 hoping to circumvent the issue but it behaves the same. I installed all the software available for Vsphere V5, not much as there are no drivers available, the 4.1.0 is untouched so far, but in the end V5 should be delivered.

Anyone else experiencing the problem or even better has a solution for this?


Also can I use the Management Agents for V4.1.0 with V5?


Thanks in advance.