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DL380 866/133 Smart Array 5i

Chris Lynch_2
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DL380 866/133 Smart Array 5i


I have a DL380 that a DBA went and ran a erase utility on which wipe out the Smart Array. I was wondering how do I put the controller back. I am new to all this, so dont laugh. I have the Smart Start CD ver 4.7. It does not give me the Array utlity option that I would normally use to set the array. Please Help. Thanks
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Re: DL380 866/133 Smart Array 5i

Which DL380 do you have the G1 or G2? The title of your message states DL380 866; the one with the 866 processor is the G1 but then itâ s followed up by 5i which is the controller for the G2.
Either ways I was just looking at the quick specs and you require a minimum 4.8 smart start for the G1 and itâ ll be a higher version for the G2; if you donâ t have one youâ ll need to do a manu
There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!
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Re: DL380 866/133 Smart Array 5i

It depends on what your DBA used to "wipe out" the system. If he used the system erase utility found on the SmartStart CD or the diskette version then I certainly hope he is no longer working for you!

You can use the DAAD to discover what is left of the array and if it is still there: This utility should be on the SmartStart CD you have.

Your SmartStart CD also has the Array Configuration Utiltity which is used to build your Drive Array on the controller.

If you need, you can try the ACU diskette version (for Smart-2 type controllers): Click here:
This can help you rebuild the array.

If he just formatted the box (i.e., FDISK or the like) then you are in luck. The Array configuration is likely still there and all you need is your latest backup tape. You can go through the regular install using the SmartStart and then restore your tapes after the O/S is rebuilt and the backup software is loaded... (or what ever other desaster recovery proceedure you have)

I hope this helps. Let us know if you need any more help.
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