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DL380 Display Probelm

Michael Lashley
Occasional Visitor

DL380 Display Probelm

Currently I can only view the DL380 in 16 Color and 800x600. I have removed and re-installed the corret Rage display drivers, but the problme still exist.

Any Advice?

Mark Griffiths
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL380 Display Probelm

Re-apply the latest "Proliant Support pack" for your OS. Note this will update all the Compaq drivers on your system
Paul Young_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL380 Display Probelm

I don't like to answer a question with a question, please forgive me.

But is there an RIB board in the box or iLo. I have seen this type of thing with RIB boards.

Michael Lashley
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL380 Display Probelm

Had to re-build the server to fix this issue. While it was not broken, i just couldn't stand looking at 16 Colors.

There is a rib, and I did re-install the support Packs. I think that teh OS was corrupt.

Thanks for the posts!
Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 Display Probelm

Typically this is caused by one of three things:
1. RIB is installed in the wrong slot
2. PCAnywhere is installed when the driver is updated
3. Third party KVM switches will sometimes not allow the video driver to install

Normally the only thing which would cause the video driver to never install, even on a clean install, is if the RIB is in the wrong slot.
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