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DL380 G1 Array Problem

Occasional Advisor

DL380 G1 Array Problem

Running a DL380 G1 with two 9g Hard Drives attached to an external Compaq drive array with three 18g Hard Drives. It was running fine, until a few days ago when it just stopped booting and has a blank screen. If the array was not shut down correctly could the array have changed it settings. The boot drive is on the server but the array shows it under smart array 4200 as array B and the external disk array as A which does not have a bootable (O/S) on it. Can the array A and B be changed with losing the data on the drives?
Ed Cox
Respected Contributor

Re: DL380 G1 Array Problem

I had something of a similar problem a couple of years ago. The array config information is kept on the hard drives themselves, so when my configuration got blown out of the water, I recreated it EXACTLY ( I can't stress enough - EXACTLY)as it was before and the server booted right back to the OS. I had an internal port running the OS drives and an external port connected to a drive cabinet.
BTW, since the array config is kept on the hard drives, this gives us the ability to swap drives between servers (drive roaming).
Do you have a recent backup ;) ?
I am guessing that Array has the internal 9GB drives running the OS and the 18GB drives are external under Array B.
Worse comes to the ACU and recreate the original configuration (EXACTLY)and see what happens.
Good luck,
Ed Cox