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DL380 G1 hangs before loading Windows Server 2003 O/S

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DL380 G1 hangs before loading Windows Server 2003 O/S

We have a DL380 G1 with Windows Server 2003.

Any time the server is rebooted it will hang - just after POSTing - and wait for user input.

The server POSTs and checks the array (which is a 431); everything appears OK. The server then displays the prompt awaiting user input. I didn't copy the message exactly, but it is something along the lines of:

Press to continue
Press to enter system partition utilities

If I press the server boots without a problem. The fact that it hangs here, however, *IS* a problem in that it requires manual intervention.

If I press the server displays a message that it is unable to find the system partition utilities.

Is it necessary to reload the O/S via SmartStart to resolve the issue? I've seen some posts describing the proper way to load the O/S, but is there a "fix" if the O/S is already loaded? Obviously we are looking to avoid reloading the O/S altogether.

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G1 hangs before loading Windows Server 2003 O/S

You can try to boot with SCU diskettes set, run option from bootable media!!! Navigate trough System Configuration- > View and Edit Details, find F1 Prompt, disable, save and Exit. If you don't have System Partition loaded prior O/S; it would be too late now. Also you can verify your IML for any errors mark them as repaired, or check POST Errors along that message with user input ???