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DL380 G10 can not install WS2016

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DL380 G10 can not install WS2016

Hi all,

I got trouble with installation Window server 2016 on DL380 G10 server.

I was try to install ws2016 with iLO5 Remote Console .NET and to deploy it by F10 Intelligent Provisioning with HPE WS2016 ISO file as a virtual DVD ... the ISO file is OK, I tested it with other server.

In Intelligent Provisioning ... I choose Express OS Install. Then I enter installation parameters for os ws2016, then choose Launch Now in Job Configuration Viewer. But the StatusCodeError: 500 - undefined message will appear ...

And that´s all.


Thank you ...


Re: DL380 G10 can not install WS2016


Downloaded Intelligent Provisioning and re-flashed version 3.22
Mounted the ISO from iLO Remote Console and OS installation started
Os installation will succeed.

Kind Regards,
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Re: DL380 G10 can not install WS2016

Hi HPE boys,

I don´t know, that is a new version IP ... it nice ;-)

OK, thank´s ... I try it ...

Best Regards, LudvikR