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DL380 G2 2000 upgrade problem


DL380 G2 2000 upgrade problem

We have a dl380 G2 running Windows NT 4.0 SP6a with smart array 5i configured as mirror with two 72 GB hard drives. I am trying to inplace upgrade that to Win 2000 server. Once the setup files are copied server restarts but does not boot, after attempting to boot from hard drive, cursor just blinks and sits there.
Any idea what could be wrong ? I have disabled antivirus before initiating the upgrade process.

Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G2 2000 upgrade problem

Hi Charles,

It sounds similar to a problem with NT4 and the Master Boot Record (MBR). Try the following to see if you have any success.

Go to a server that works OK and is running 2000, preferrably a system of the same generation since G1's have a diagnostic partition which affects BOOT.INI.
(You can use a Windows XP system too).
Create a Fault Tolerant Boot disk as follows: -

Insert a blank floppy disk into the system.
Format the floppy with FAT from the Windows 2000 server. Make sure you have access to hidden and system files from explorer and change the view values if required because you need to copy some system files.
Copy NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM and BOOT.INI from the working system top level directory on C: to the floppy top level.
Check BOOT.INI on the floppy to make sure that the entry reads something like this.


If you copied BOOT.INI from an older Compaq Proliant G1 with a diagnostic partition the partition value would be (2) so you would have to change it to (1) for your G2 server as it has the RBSU (F9) facility and doesn't use a diagnostic partition.

Take this floppy disk and boot your DL380G2 with it. If it boots OK then you have bypassed the MBR issue but it does need to be sorted. Try this and post an update please.

I hope this helps.