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DL380 G2 - 4 CPU fans will not start

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DL380 G2 - 4 CPU fans will not start

I have replaced 4 CPU fans, 2 power supplies, a power converter, fan rack, and reset Bios, updated it to P24, reset system with S6.

Yet I still not get the 4 fans to run, they do not rotate at all. All of the other 6 fans run fine.

HP Smart Start reports the fans are fine, with a 153ms.

I'm running win2K3 R2 with SQL 2008 ENT. The server overheats and shuts down. On boot up, NO ERRORS, Nothing to report. However, When I remove 2 fans froom the CPU area, it beeps and sends out a notice the system has lost colling and will shutdown, so I kn the system BD is fine.

Am I missing something here ????

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Re: DL380 G2 - 4 CPU fans will not start

Do you have the possibility to use another mainboard? We already hat some boards with defects that affect the fans.
Some light up the orange LED and some do not work at all.

If you remove the fan and then you get a beep, does not necessarily mean that the board is ok. It just recognises the missing fan.
A missing fan is detected in a different way than a installed but not working fan...
"If it seems illogical... you just don't have enough information"
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Re: DL380 G2 - 4 CPU fans will not start

We have not replaced the system BD yet. I was hoping that would not be the case. I have a feeling it firmware or software related.

Just so you know, the fans DO NOT SPIN on post..