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DL380 G2 - Loud Fans

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DL380 G2 - Loud Fans

Ok, so I have aquired a rather ancient DL380 G2 server and I was wondering which software allows for direct fan control of my machine, as it is Very, very loud and I would not rather put the server in the basement of the office.


I am Running Server 2K3 and Debian and I would like to know about fans for both (as we simply hotswap the drives when we need either OS)


So far the only solution I've come up with is to boot the machine with all 8 fans installed, then pull 6 to keep the noise down...


The machine has adequate ventilation and is more of an experiment/hobby box at work. It was a cash and carry from an old hosting company who upgraded, so I have no warranty or anything.

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Re: DL380 G2 - Loud Fans



There is a BIOS option to set the fans to "auto" which reduces the speed (after an initial noisy burst) at startup. It may need a BIOS update though.



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Re: DL380 G2 - Loud Fans

If I recall on those older gen server, you needed to load the HP Health drivers for your OS to control the fans speed.

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