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DL380 G2, NetVault, Sony Library 162, NC6136 Gigabit Server Adapater, Conflicts

Stephen Harper
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G2, NetVault, Sony Library 162, NC6136 Gigabit Server Adapater, Conflicts

I am running W2K SP4 on a DL380 G2. I have installed on this server NetVault 7.3 Datacenter Edition by Bakbone. I also have connected to the SCSI a Sony Library 162 tape library. Internal are two drives. The Library ID is 0, the Drive IDs are 1 and 2. NetVault uses it's own drivers for the library and the drives. In Windows device manager there are ? marks next to the drives. Installing the windows drivers causes NetVault to break, this is why they are not properly installed into Windows. They aren't supposed to be. This all is fine and dandy.

Now, I installed an NC6136 Gigabit Server Adapter into one of the PCI slots on this server. I connected the fiber to it, installed the newest drivers and had done everything correctly. There are two problems from doing this. 1) the network connection to this adapter always shows no cable connected. The cable is fine, the gbic in the Cisco switch is fine, the adapter is fine, the drivers are fine. I tested this very equipment in a DL830 G3 in the test environment and it worked fine. Problem 2) with this adapter enabled NetVault can't find the Sony Library. It shows up as missing. Disabling the NIC fixes NetVault.

For the two built in NICs Teaming is enabled for fault tolerance. Removed Teaming to diagnose problem. Didn't change anything.

To recap problems:
1) No connectivity to NIC
2) NetVault can't see library with NIC enabled.

All help is always greatly appreciated.

Stephen Harper