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DL380 G2 Raid Reconfiguration

Daniel Cox
Occasional Contributor

DL380 G2 Raid Reconfiguration

I have a DL380 a prevoius person configured with 1 9gig drive for the OS on array A in a raid 0. There are also 3 36.4gig drives in a raid 5 on array B.
I just want to give the 9 gig OS drive some redundancy by adding a mirror drive.
slot 0= 9.1gig OS raid 0
slot 1= 36.4gig in raid 5
slot 2= 36.4gig in raid 5
slot 3= 36.4gig in raid 5
Can I move the 36.4's to slots 2,3,4 and add a drive in slot 1?
and will this create a mirror?

Thanks in advance for any sugestions
Daniel Cox
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL380 G2 Raid Reconfiguration