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DL380 G2 Smart Array 5i Failure?

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DL380 G2 Smart Array 5i Failure?

I've got a DL380 G2 server running a Smart Array 5i controller. This server has been unused for sometime, but I am now trying to bring it up as a spare server. When booting the server though, the 5i never reports in the POST. Entering setup shows a RAID device on IRQ 3. I attempted to configure an array via the Smart Start CD, but received the message that there is no array configured on the system. Attempting to configure the array via ACU gives the message that no controllers are found on the system. I've pulled and reseated the 5i daughterboard, checked the cables on the backplane, and verified that the drives are good. When powering on the system, the drive status lights will flash and it appears to recognize the 4 73GB drives that are installed before going blank again. I'm fairly sure that the 5i controller has failed, but would like to see if anyone else has experienced this issue and has an alternate resolution.

James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: DL380 G2 Smart Array 5i Failure?


Y not try using the Same board onto another server !?!

This will confirm the failure;

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Re: DL380 G2 Smart Array 5i Failure?

Hi jossawye,

I think ur correct its bad but u can try 2 steps 1st steps as mentioned by Sujith and 2nd is clear NVRAM from dip switces on mobo refer diagram on server access panel.

Cheers :)
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Re: DL380 G2 Smart Array 5i Failure?


I agree that the 5i is probably faulty unless it has simply been disabled in the BIOS. Unfortunately replacements are still quite expensive to buy, even from Ebay (Spare part is 228510-001).

A cheaper and better solution is to buy a Smart Array 5300 which has write-back cache. You will need to give up one of the PCI slots however and also run a point-to-point SCSI cable to the SCSI backplane from the Smart Array 5300.

If you do replace the 5i with another Smart Array controller, you can remove the faulty 5i from the system board and set the SCSI Interlock switch (Switch 1) to the ON position. This will then ignore the fact that the 5i controller has been removed from the system board. If it's faulty you are just wasting power to it anyway. You must set this switch once you remove the 5i or you will get an interlock error.

I have attached the led, switch and jumper section (Chapter 4) from the DL380 G2 server service manual to this reply. See pages 4-18 and 4-19 for the location and settings if you need them. The server top cover also has these details.

I hope this helps.