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DL380 G2 / SmartArray 5i faults

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DL380 G2 / SmartArray 5i faults

Hello forum members

I've got 13 x DL380 G2 servers that just arrived after being transported from another site. The machines have been powered down for around six weeks.

On powering them up, I've come across a puzzling error with the integrated SmartArray 5i controllers on three of the machines.

The problem is that the controllers are not being detected *at all* by the server BIOS. Consequently the logical disks cannot be booted, and SmartStart is unable to detect the controllers.

Is there a known design fault with the 5i cards (SP #228510-001 rev F) or have I just been extremely unlucky?

FWIW replacing the faulty cards with a card from another server seems to cure the problem (which is why I believe the individual cards are faulty). Cleaning the contacts on the faulty cards doesn't make any difference.

Thanks in advance for your help/advice/suggestions.

Unfortunately these servers are no longer covered by the original warranty. Fortunately the controllers are available through HP spares. Unfortunately the controllers are worth almost as much as the servers themselves.
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G2 / SmartArray 5i faults

Hi Gavin

There is no design fault reported on these controllers so far. I think it is matter of chance, they have failed. Hope you have met the environmental conditions requirement before powering on the servers.


Re: DL380 G2 / SmartArray 5i faults


Losing three controllers out of thirteen seems like an incredible coincidence. I'm wondering if perhaps the connectors between the RAID board and the motherboard aren't robust enough to cope with the servers being moved/transported. In particular, an incomplete connection at power-up might be enough to fry the cards.

In future it might be worthwhile for us to remove & reseat the 5i boards prior to powering up the systems.

Of course it might just be that leaving the systems unpowered for six weeks following three years of 24x7 operation might be stressing the electronics. If anyone has anecdotal reports - I'd be interested to hear them.