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DL380 G2 beeps at startup

Craig Rainford
Occasional Contributor

DL380 G2 beeps at startup

Hi, I have 2 DL380 G2 servers running Windows Advanced Server 2003 each running 1gb RAM. I've just upgraded the RAM in each machine to 6gb although this is Kingston memory so I have removed the the previous Compaq memory incase they are incompatible. Since completing this the machines now only beep when the machine is powered on, i've tried reverting back to just using the old Compaq memory but its doing the same with that.

For some reason also i've plugged a monitor directly into the server but get no display, therefore I can't see if the server is reporting a specific error.

Any ideas?
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G2 beeps at startup

Hi Craig,

Try this:-

Remove power cable(s) from the power supplies.
Change switch 6 on the maintenance switchpack to on (see diagram inside lid for its location).
Insert the original memory in the correct matched slots (1 and 4-Bank A), (2 and 5-Bank B) etc. depending on the number of matched dimms in your original 1Gb config.
(I have attached a memory chart to this reply to assist).
Keep the video cable in.
Apply power cables and switch on.

If you get the normal cmos reset messages (time not set etc) you should be OK and you can set switch 6 back to off again.
The DL380G2 supports 6 X 1Gb dimms in matched pairs and banks, providing the memory is the correct specification as described in the attachment.

I hope this helps.

Craig Rainford
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL380 G2 beeps at startup

Thanks for the reply, that managed to clear up 1 of the problems! The servers now boot up but I still can't get a display for some reason on the monitor on either server. I've tried the obvious change monitor scenario but still the problem exists.

Re: DL380 G2 beeps at startup

Any visual advisory like LEDs on the system board itself?

If you have iLo connectivity maybe you may want to see if you have remote access then you can diagnose the server.