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DL380 G2

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DL380 G2

When I power up the server it just beeps and beeps. Just a repeating beep with an equal pause, does not stop. All LEDs are green other than the 6 by the memory slots (they are amber). I've removed all PCI cards, one of the processors. Any Ideas?

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Re: DL380 G2


The dimm slots should not be amber so start there. All slots amber indicates an invalid memory configuration. The front panel internal health LED should also be red to indicate an internal error. This is the symbol of a heartbeat with a frame round it.

Take out all memory, taking a note of which dimms were in each slot and then install a pair of dimms (Must be in matched pairs for DL380G2). The first matched pair are in slots 1 and 4 marked 1A and 4A. (Look at the diagram inside the top cover which explains the dimm layout).

With only this pair installed do you get the same problem?

If you removed a CPU, make sure its CPU2, not CPU1. The system will run with only one CPU but CPU1 socket has to be occupied. Again use the top cover diagram to locate the correct CPU. You must also remove the Processor Power Module (PPM2) if you remove CPU2. PPM2 is next to the memory dimms (Check with top cover diagram).

I suspect the memory is possibly installed in neigbouring slots rather than in the matched pair order. The memory configuraion is as follows for DL380G2: -

Slots 1 and 4 (Bank A)
Slots 2 and 5 (Bank B)
Slots 3 and 6 (Bank C)

Dimms must be in matched pairs and be PC133 Registered ECC 3.3V SDRAM models.

If you need the DL380G2 service manual it can be downloaded from here. Look at chapter 4 for help with LED's etc.

I hope this helps.


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Re: DL380 G2

Hello there

It ended up that the 4 dims I had were all toast. Once I had replacements everything worked. I was very surprised to have 4 failed dims.

Thanks for your help.