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DL380 G3 5i array boot order/renumbering?

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DL380 G3 5i array boot order/renumbering?

Is there a simple way to change the boot order or renumber the arrays? I have a test server with two disks. I need to be able to boot from one or the other. So far I have to yank the disk and "fail" it if I want to boot off the second drive. We also have some servers that the boot logical drive is array 2 - if you create a new array it goes to array 1 - rendering the system unable to boot. (don't ask me how or why that happened, I didn't create it...) How/what tool do I use to renumber the arrays?

Oleg Koroz
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Re: DL380 G3 5i array boot order/renumbering?

Options that available for you only: if you divide SCSI backplane for Duplex and use Second Array controller, where after from F9 you can change Boot controller Order, boot either from 5i or Optional array Controller.