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DL380 G3 Duplex SCSI with SA5302

Adam Moren_1
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DL380 G3 Duplex SCSI with SA5302

Hey All,

Anyone run into this. I want to Duplex the SCSI Drives on the Server. I hook up the terminator, and attach the cables, SA5302 Port 1 to Drives 0,1. I then Hook up SA5302 Port 2 to Drives 3-5. When I fire up the server the SCSI Config Error Light comes on. The Duplex Light goes out, and the server appears to work fine.

According to the Schematic on the Cover they have Drives 0,1 hooked to the 5i and Drives 3-5 hooked to the SA5302 Card. I don't want to use the 5i. Is not using the 5i causing the Error Light, if so Why?

Any Ideas, comments welcome, I just want the best disk performance I can get out of this pig, without new hardware.


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