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DL380 G3 Fan Control

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DL380 G3 Fan Control

SPEC: dl380 g3 with 2x 2.8Ghz/400mhz all fans in 8 total. 4gb of ram 6x 36.4GB in HD

The fan speed is insane really, ive read alot of posts saying the fans are loud and well i have to say i have the same problem. here is what i learned so far

1. bootup is 100 till onboard control takes over (in my case 100 is for about 1-2 secs) after this time fans are at 70-50 percent.

2. OS loads and PAL (correct me if im wrong) takes over and adjusts for temp

2a. i have to say that my amd 9850 air cooled with a 40+load while doing video processing is alot hotter then the g3 server and it will not go over 110-130 if room temp is 72 avg, so i took a temp probe and stuck two IN(i mean IN) the cpu cavity and the highest temp i got while installing a fresh OS(with SS 8.25)was 82F to 91F (case off) the fans are always around 60 percent

3.updated ALL firmware

4. installed each update i could find one by one by one (restarted after each!!!)

5. this is where you come in and tell me what ive missed, please help not just me but everyone that has this problem.