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DL380 G3 Fan issue


DL380 G3 Fan issue

I have a Windows Server network with 130 ProLiant servers. There are about 25 380G3s.
A couple months ago I started getting SIM alerts that one server was experiencing a fan (1) failure.
I opened the server and noted the yellow failure light on that fan.
I replaced the fan, and the replacement failed in less than a minute.
I then swapped the original fan and another that was working . The one that was working was now in the slot of the one that had failed , and it also failed. The "dead" fan worked fine in the new slot.
I checked to make sure that the system ROM was current, and it was.
In light of this I concluded that the problem was not a fan, but a system board.
I had the system board replaced and the problem is gone.
However in the last couple weeks I have had 2 more 380G3s that have started acting the exact same way.
Fan replacement does not solve the issue and firmware is current.
I am very reluctant to replace their system boards due to the cost and the fact that 3 system board failures (out of 25 servers) with the exact same symptoms in 2 month seems almost impossible.
I have considered backing down the system ROM, but I have never done that before, and am not sure of the process and if this a safe thing to do.
Has anyone else seen this?
Are there any suggestions?

Chris Coates
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Re: DL380 G3 Fan issue


I've faced similar issue which got resolved after tightly re-fixing the system board.
Hoping that could help in your case also.

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Re: DL380 G3 Fan issue

Hi Chris,

As Tatum told you, I found a common issue that I think is the one you have.

ProLiant DL380 Generation 3 (G3) Servers or ProLiant DL380 Generation 3 (G3) Packaged Clusters may generate Power-On Self-Test (POST) error message 1611, indicating a fan failure. This error may occur if either of the two thumbscrews that secure the system board to the chassis (underneath the fan bracket) are not fully tightened.

One thumbscrew is located on the I/O board near slot 6. The other thumbscrew is located on the DC converter near slot 7

If either thumbscrew is loose, it is possible that the LED for a fan in slot 4, 5, 6, or 7 may glow amber. When this issue occurs, the fan in the affected slot may or may not stop spinning.

NOTE: Because a fan in slot 1 or 2 is located in the front fan bracket, this issue does not affect fans in these slots.

To resolve this issue, the thumbscrews must be checked to ensure that they are tightened securely.

If the thumbscrews are loose, they must be tightened.

If the thumbscrews are already tight, or the fan LED still glows amber after tightening the thumbscrews and restarting the server, the affected fan assembly must be replaced.
Keep learning!!!