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DL380 G3 Hotplug probs


DL380 G3 Hotplug probs

I have a DL380 G3 server running Windows 2000 server (2x3,06 Xeons, 4GB, SA5304/256, internal+external RAID).
I tried to install a USB 2.0 card in one of the hotplug slots (obviously with the machine brought down, since this is no hotplug card). When I start the machine after installation, the slot LEDs are green (power is supplied to the slots). If I boot into RBSU, it sees the card and assigns an interrupt.
As soon as Windows 2000 boots (still in the 'Windows 2000 server family' screen, the slot LEDs are turned off and the card isn't recognized. Insight Diagnostics sees the slot as free.
The same USB card is running perfectly in another DL380 G3 in the non hotplug slot.
Unfortunately, I need the non hotplug slot in this server for RiLO (isn't installed now but will be installed later). At the moment, the non hotplug slot is used for the SA5304 RAID controller.
By the way, since this is a test machine (at the moment), there is only 2000 Server and PSP 7.60 for Windows 2000 installed.

Why are the hotplug slots turned off and what can I do to prevent it?

Thanks in advance
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Re: DL380 G3 Hotplug probs

If the LED on the PCI Hot plug slot is Off, it means that the status is normal. Only if it is amber, there is an error condition.

However, are you sure that the non-hot plug card will work in a hot-plug slot?

There is a slight difference between the non hot-plug slot (133 MHz) & hot-plug slot (100 Mhz), not too sure if that makes the difference.

Does this card work on the hot-plug slot of the other DL380 G3 server? If it does, then it would be an issue with the hot-plug slot of this server.

Re: DL380 G3 Hotplug probs

There are 2 LEDs per slot. The error LED remains off. The power LED is initially ON and turns OFF when Windows boots.

I did some further testing.

The hotplug slots default to 33 MHz, so this can't be the problem.

The USB card runs fine in the non hotplug slot (when I put the SA5304, which is of course hot pluggable, into one of the hotplug slots). It doesn't run in the hotplug slots.

Does this really mean these servers don't support non hotpluggable cards (since the only non hotplug slot is reserved foe RiLO, there is no other nlot free)? This can't be true ...

Or this there a hot pluggable USB 2.0 card on the market? I don't believe that.


Please help!
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Re: DL380 G3 Hotplug probs

Logically, if the USB PCI card works on a non hot-plug slot, and not on a hot-plug slot, it could either be a slot problem or not compatibility.

Ideally, non hot-plug PCI cards should be used with non hot-plug PCI slots. The only thing you can check is, whether your USB PCI card works with the hot-plug slot (2 or 3) on another DL380 G3 server. Also, to prove the functionality of slot 2 & 3 (hot-plug), you could try using the SA 5304 in both, if it works fine on both the slots, it has to be the compatibility that is stopping a non hot-plug card to work on a hot-plug slot.