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DL380 G3 Server Memory Leak
Occasional Contributor

DL380 G3 Server Memory Leak

Dear All,
Please Advise

Please note that we are facing problems with the RAID of an HP DL380 G3 Server (S/N: 8048LJC119)

The Problem is that when we copy files (from c to d or vice versa)into the RAID the Available memory goes down from 900MB to
3-6MB & when copy stops the memory goes up to 900MB again

We think that for some reason the RAID is caching the data in memory causing it to leak.

(weve checked if their is a virus but the disk is clean, could it have anything to do with the RAID transfer rate to the Disks how to check that? the write cashe is not enabled & it couldnt be enabled from the driver config due to a well known bug)

Best Regards

Akos Hegedus
Valued Contributor

Re: DL380 G3 Server Memory Leak

Your definition of a memory leak is way, and I mean WAY off!

First off, a true memory leak has nothing to due with the amount of memory a program uses! A memory leak occurs when a program has finished using a certain portion of the memory that has been allocated to complete a task and the program DOES NOT release that portion, causing more and more memory to be used up, until the program crashes. Just because the memory takes a huge hit, DOES NOT imply there is a memory leak.

For a TRUE definition of a memory leak, go to and type in memory leak? into the text box and click on the I'm Felling Lucky button.

Please get the facts strainght before making a statement about the performance of a program, PLEASE! Programmers in general hate it when people tell them, or go and tell others there's a problem and there isn't!