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DL380 G3 - SoftPaq Updates

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DL380 G3 - SoftPaq Updates


I have a customer who has a number of DL380 G3 running W2K Advanced Server.

They have installed CP003121 The Integrated Lights Out flash. When they rebooted the server they got the error:

Call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Parity Check/Memory Parity error
*** The system has halted ***

And if you power cycle the servers they load up ok but if you perform a warm restart they hang with a blank screen

The Servers were built using SmartStart v6.20, and they have a BIOS of P29 8th January 2003.

This has now happened across five servers.

Anyone come across this before.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Toone.

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Re: DL380 G3 - SoftPaq Updates

I am also experiencing this problem on 3 DL380G3s. I am in the process of updating the BIOS to P29 31 Jan 2003 as a first step in trying to solve this issue.
Jun Chen_4
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Re: DL380 G3 - SoftPaq Updates


Recently I installed two DL380 G3 servers and have the same situation as yours. Could you share your experience with me ? I had fixed this problem with my suppliers for almost three weeks.