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Re: DL380-G3 Supports USB2.0 ?

Chris Heinen_1
New Member

DL380-G3 Supports USB2.0 ?

I have some DL380-G3's running Win2003. I need to attach an external hard drive via USB 2.0, but the drivers that have been installed don't seem to support it.

The HP documentation on the matter doesn't seem to be definitive, but it strongly implies that the G3 supports USB2.0 (aka "standard").

Can someone help me out with a definitive answer on what USB version these guys support?
Ameen Khan S_1

Re: DL380-G3 Supports USB2.0 ?


I believe that this server doesnt support Hotplug usb drive.
Please check the link below.

Thanks bye
Chris Heinen_1
New Member

Re: DL380-G3 Supports USB2.0 ?

I have seen that matrix, I can't reboot the server as often as I need to get this to work, so Hotplug isn't an issue.

Bandwidth is, however. I need to be able to get better than USB1.1's 11Mbits/sec.

The drive supports about 44Mbits/sec or better when connected modern computers that use USB 2.0.

I'm just very surprised that the DL380 wouldn't support USB2.0. I have laptops from 2002 that support it, and we bought the DL380 in August 2004.

Anyone else know definitively? We have a large number of these servers, and it would be problematic to have to buy USB 2.0 cards for all of them, unless it's totally nessicary.

Re: DL380-G3 Supports USB2.0 ?

Hi Chris,

The DL380G3 went obsolete around august/september 2004. The server was introduced probably a year earlier or longer ago. At that moment USB 2.0 was not yet such a industry standard that it was implemented on the DL380G3 server.

The new DL380G4 server introduced around september 2004 got USB2.0 device identification but will still run in legacy USB 1.1 mode and has 1 USB at the front and 2 at the back.

Meaning; if you really would need USB 2.0 on your DL380G3 then you have to start inserting a USB2.0 capable card.
Keep in mind that HP didn't qualified yet a USB2.0 PCI card to be inserted in our Proliant Servers.

See if needed as well the USB support page for Proliant Servers.

Best Regards, Jeroen Kleen
(I am an HPE employee)
Hugo Teerds

Re: DL380-G3 Supports USB2.0 ?

Hi Chris,

I have an old Proliant 800 at home from 1999, packed full with all possible options, full memory, two processors and every slot filled with raid-cards, video card and audio card. I tried several USB 2.0 cards and found most of them working well for low bandwidth applications. When I tried something more ambitious I found that untill now only a Sitecom card (USB2.0, 5 port Hi-Speed) could keep up without crashing the server at random.
When analysed, there seem to be problems with card that use the VIA chipset, which is the more modern of the available sets. Much less trouble comes from cards with the (older) NEC chipset. The Sitecom card is also an older version with the NEC set. The newer 4 port card has the VIA set, and is as troublesome as the others.
You can Google the net for more detailed information of course. But I am glad my old server is still going strong without problems since introducing this card.
You can always improve!