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DL380 G3 Unrecoverable Intermodule Bus error (Error code 0)

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Rich Kuehnle
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G3 Unrecoverable Intermodule Bus error (Error code 0)

I have the following system:

*DL380 G3 single processor 2.4G
*512M Memory (from factory)
*2x36GB drives on 5i controller (to boot from)
*FCA2101 card connected to MSA1000
*Windows Server 2003 Standard
*Latest support pack
*Latest firmwares
*Latest Windows Updates

When I generate high SAN traffic (copy a large file from san:\ to local:\) the system hangs with a black screen. When ASR restarts the system, i find the following in the Integrated Management Log: "Unrecoverable Intermodule Bus error (error code 0)"

I have gone through and updated the system, 5i, iLO, and FCA2101 firmwares to their current versions, with no luck.

I have tried moving the FCA2101 from the 133mhz PCI slot into a 100mhz slot, and have not seen any difference. I have moved the port on the MSA1000 to which the server is attached, again no difference.

The MSA1000 has another DL380 G3 plugged into it (same except dual processor and more memory) which is not experiencing any problems.

Problem is easily reproduced.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G3 Unrecoverable Intermodule Bus error (Error code 0)

Hello Rich,
I have seen a similar situation in the past with an other model where we ended up replacing the system board. I would certainly look into having the system board replaced in your case as well.

Frank Wakelin
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL380 G3 Unrecoverable Intermodule Bus error (Error code 0)

I too am having the same problem with one of our DL380G3 systems. Everything is exactly the way you describe it although this server doesn't have a FCA2101 and is running Windows 2000 - so you should be able to rule out O/S or SAN communications (specifically). Could be a PCI bus problem - we don't have any cards in it, only integrated PCI components.

I'm on the line with HP support now... Hopefully they have a solution!