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DL380 G3 failure

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DL380 G3 failure

Dear colleagues,


please help to solve the problem with the HP PL DL380G3 (P/N 349201-421).

After rebooting the server is not operational (this occurred before, but was able to restart the server).

The symptoms such.

After power up, we have a black screen, POST does not occur, the BIOS is not available.

iLO port indicators lits, but the iLO is not pinged and can’t be seen by MAC; http/telnet/ftp access to iLO also unavailable.

All fans are working.

HDD Indicators lit constantly.

Judging by the indicators on the motherboard, iLO test does not pass.

Pressing the power button turns off the server immediately.

Server cleaning, disassembly/assembly, partially removal of memory and processors, starting with 1 or 2 PSU, have not given success.

NVRAM was resetted, and the battery was removed at 2-3 hours.

Batteries level on the BIOS and embedded RAID controller (SA 5i) in the normal.


Measured voltage at the power connector of the motherboard:

(Wire color / PSU voltage 1 (V) / PSU voltage 2 (V))

Violet/2.43/2.43; Orange/11.73/11.65; Blue/11.71/11.65; Yelow/4.91/4.89; Brown/3.22/3.21; Red/4.89/4.89


Measures voltage at the power connector of HDD expansion board:

(Wire color / Voltage (V))

Orange /11.8; Red/4.88


What can be done to start this server?

The server stores important information.

We have DL380 G4 server with SCSI (SA 6i controller).

Is it possible to access the data by moving the HDD in the G4 server in the same order of SCSI ID and booting from DVD?

Photos attached.

We will be very grateful for any advice.


Regadrs, Ildar


Re: DL380 G3 failure



Have you tried to boot the server with just two sticks of RAM and one processor?

Remove any PCI cards that is not important for POST.

Remove any external devices like USB stick, tape, storage, etc.


Installing the drives from DL380 G3 into DL380 G4 server should work, but you may encounter some BSOD due to hardware changes, like the Smart Array Controller.


This document should help you:



Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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