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DL380 G3, might be dead, but is it, and what's wrong if it is?

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DL380 G3, might be dead, but is it, and what's wrong if it is?

begin this year the company I work for replace all the old servers, the Generation 3 systems, one ML380 G3, two DL380 G3's and five DL360 G3's, where replaced by four DL380 G7's and also most of the old 3COM networking equipment was replaced by HP Networking equipment.


the old DL360G3 units where temporarily used for training for the IT team but as that is now finished they, and the ML380 and DL380's have to go.

as part of this all the servers have to be erased and reinstalled so they can be put aside with an OS.


to do this the servers where put standing on the rear of the unit against the wall and when done are put flat on floor at side of the server room.


one of the DL380's seems to have been standing a bit to close to the door however, and when fell when the door was opened.

however, although it won't POST, we don't see any damage or errors, other then that all HD's are failed according to the unit.



no errors as in, all the health LED's are either green or are (and should be) off, expect for the fault indicators for all HD's (4x 72GB 10k U320), which according to the DL380 are all failed.

yet, when trying two of the drives in one of the DL360 units, they worked.


although if the unit is dead, its dead, we would like to see it work again, given it is still a usable system.

(2x 3.06Ghz with Hyper Treading, 4GB RAM, 4x 72GB, not the best available anymore but certainly usable for some uses)


we think that given how it fell, we weren't too surprised it wouldn't boot anymore, however we are a bit confused as to why the status LED's don't indicate an error.


the question we now have is, is it indeed dead, or may it still be functional, and if it is dead, what is wrong with it, and would it be possible to fix it?

and if its not dead, why is the screen not coming up?


in short, we don't get anything on screen, but all the status LED's seem fine, other then that all four hard disk supposedly failed, while they do work in a other machine.

the LED's for the backplane I believe are both OK, so the one for the mode is off (full duplex) and the LED for configuration is green.


we also wonder if iLO may be of any use to find the problem, as we don't get screen but it could be the VGA controller isn't working, for whatever magical reason, in which case iLO should still be able to mention an error, however, iLO was never actually used on the system before, so could we somehow use it now, and if so how would we do that?

the status LED's for iLO seem to be OK as well, although I did not yet check that specifically, but I can still do so, but it won't be sooner then Tuesday as I won't be back at work until then.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: DL380 G3, might be dead, but is it, and what's wrong if it is?

iLO may definitely be possible to use. By default it should have DHCP enabled.
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Re: DL380 G3, might be dead, but is it, and what's wrong if it is?

I'm not sure what was wrong, but when I in today a coworker had gotten it to work again.

as for how, the explanation I got is he did something and it powered up again but one of the drives still indicated it was failed, and he did something else and that last drive also worked again.


I don't know what exactly he did, since he indeed said he did something, but the system is working again now.