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DL380 G4: 212 & 214 POST error codes for BOTH procs

Darrick Waller
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G4: 212 & 214 POST error codes for BOTH procs

Background: I recently got a batch of 8 DL380 G4's in for a project that my company is doing. I racked the servers, and started configuring the iLO on them for remote administration. I finished with iLO, and shut them down via the iLO interface, until I wanted to install in a week or so.

Fast forward: I installed RHEL on one of the servers via iLO, and moved onto the next. I mounted my drives, powered up the machine via virtual power, and opened a remote console. The server starts up, giving me these two errors:

POST Error: 212-Processor 1 Failed
POST Error: 212-Processor 2 Failed

Then it ran the HP BIOS Memory Diagnostic, which tested all memory fine, and came back with these two errors:

POST Error: 214-Processor Power Module Failed, Processor 1
POST Error: 214-Processor Power Module Failed, Processor 2

Then halted the system. I did a few searches, and came up with these two threads:

I tried what pertained to my situation from those, but nothing worked. Here is a list of the system specs and what I tried:


Proliant DL380 G4 XEON-DP 3.4G
6GB(6x1GB)PC2-3200 DDR SDRAM
2x72GB 15K U320 SCSI Hot Plug
iLO Advanced Pack


1. Removed Processor 2 and PPM.
2. Replaced Processor 1 and PPM with Processor 2 and PPM.
3. Removed both Processors and PPM's, and replaced with 1 Processor and PPM from working and identical machine from this batch.
4. Tried using the SmartStart disc, but never got it to work. I hit F10 through the entire POST process, but I never got anything to come up.

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G4: 212 & 214 POST error codes for BOTH procs

None of these threads really helpful
For System ROM Settings you need to Use F9
Can you get that fare, along you have Errors, can you boot? Or Boot from any Media?
If so with one CPU Update System ROM if Needed

If you can access to F9, Search for Advanced and Clear NVRAM (Verify O/S Options)

Pull out optional Memory; install CPU that came with server
Open Server and Reset Power Cables and one small that under Front Fan Assembly on the Left
Is all Server have same behavior ?
Darrick Waller
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL380 G4: 212 & 214 POST error codes for BOTH procs

Thanks for the reply.

The only options that I installed on all 8 of the servers were 4GB(4x1GB) of RAM.

- I haven't tried removing the optional RAM, but I will try that this evening when I am back at work.
- When the server boots, I get the Proliant splash screen, and then I get the errors. From what I remember, I have to wait until the next screen to get the F9/F10 options. I don't even get the F8 option to configure iLO. Is there a key combination or an F key that I can press during that splash screen that will help me get somewhere?
- I haven't been able to get it to boot from any media. I wish I could, but I'm afraid the system does not get that far. I basically get the initial POST screen where it checks the amount of RAM, and then displays the errors that I get.
- None of the other servers have exhibited this behavior, and they all have the same configuration that is listed above.

Thanks again for the quick reply.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G4: 212 & 214 POST error codes for BOTH procs

Install CPU and PPM one that came with Server (also you can test with other one), pull any additional components, remove all drives, verify cables and sense cable (under fan assembly), Enable CMOS Invalidation dip switch from System board #6, if Possibly borrow Power Converter Module from other Server to Test, if still no go replace system Board. If one Power Supply borrow for Test another.