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DL380 G4 NIC problems after installation of W2003 SP1

Chuck Beckwith
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G4 NIC problems after installation of W2003 SP1

Recently encountered problems with a DL380 G4 after installing SP1. Once the server came back online the unit would not communicate over the network. Trying to ping anything past the NIC would result in "Hardware Error". The only way I found to resolve the issue is to delete both NIC's from system manager, reboot and then reconfigure them. If the system is rebooted, a "hardware error" results until the NIC's are deleted and re-added. I have installed the latest drivers from the HP website (HP NC77xx gigabit nic drivers for windows server 2003 v 9.25.00). The issue appeared to be resolved until I rebooted the unit.

System has NC7782 onboard NIC's. Only using one of the ports. Windows 2003 SBS w/ SP1 installed.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL380 G4 NIC problems after installation of W2003 SP1


i would suggest you to unistall the SP1 for windows 2003, restart the server and install the SP1 after the SP1 installation when the server prompts to restart, do no restart and install the ProLiant Support pack for DL380 G4 server.

You can install the ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 version 7.51 A (22 May 06)from the URL given below:

Paul Bendall
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL380 G4 NIC problems after installation of W2003 SP1

I am seeing exactly the same thing. Port intially works thenstops receiving packets. Can see packets being sent on the NIC status but no receives. This is happening on a number of servers, common factors are:

DL380 G4
Windows 2003 pre & post SP1
Gigabit Interfaces both forced to 1000Gbps
Production NIC is fine
Backup NIC (less traffic) will go to "sleep"
SoftPaq 7.51A

Soft reset of server has no effect
Disabling the port through OS has no effect
Resetting the interface on the netowrk switch brings the port back to life until the next reboot of the server.

Really would like an idea as to what maybe going on as it is very inconvenient resetting the network switch.