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DL380 G4 NMI: Parity Check Error

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DL380 G4 NMI: Parity Check Error

I when having problems with my DL380 G4.  I recently betting NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error on boot up.  Using MS Server 2008 R2.  


I was unable to use SmartStart and firmware Maint 9.10 on the offline side, getting utility crashes.


I decided to disable the 2 Nic from the BIOS and now I'm able to update firmware.


When I enable the NIC  still get problems with Windows.  


I performed an update to drivers last week and I think I installed a bad driver.


The question now how to update drivers and firmware for the Nic is I disable them in order to be able Boot?


Re: DL380 G4 NMI: Parity Check Error



DL380 G4 server does not support Windows 2008 R2 but supports Windows 2008 and below.

Refer to this link.


If you disable NIC in BIOS then Windows cannot detect that hardware and you will not be able to update drivers/firmware for that hardware.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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