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DL380 G4 - Processor Upgrade Options.

Joe Fonti
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G4 - Processor Upgrade Options.

Recently, I acquired a lightly used 380 to be used as a small home VMHost. My specific 380 came with a 1c1t 3.4 nacona that does not support VT-x.

I would like to update to any CPU which does support Vt-x, however I have found some conflicting information about which CPU's are and are not supported.

In short; are any of the following 605 pin, VT-x enabled CPU's compatible?

Joe Fonti
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL380 G4 - Processor Upgrade Options.

I've done a bit more research, but I am still unable to answer my own question.

It turns out that I have the older, single core only board. (359251-001). Clearly that will need to be updated.

So then, my question should be, Does the newer (404715-001) board support ANY CPU that is VT-x enabled?

If not, is it possible to retro fit the G4 with a G5 or newer mainboard?