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DL380 G4 RedHat EL5 Networking issue

Occasional Advisor

DL380 G4 RedHat EL5 Networking issue


We are having a problem where our DL380R04 server loses connectivity with the network for 8 minutes each night at around 9:30pm and again in the morning sometimes between 5:30am and 6:30am (again, for like 8 mins). During this time, when logged into the ILO, I cannot ping anything on the local network (including the default GW). I can however, restore the network during this time by performing a "service network restart".

After the 8 mins the system comes back on it's own.

We've done the following:
- Verified all cron jobs were not the issue
- updated BIOS, LAN drivers and card firmware (running 8.0 firmware)
- reloaded the OS
- shut off all unnecessary services (RHN, NTP, NFS, etc.)

Suspecting a network issue, we....
- changed networks
- verified cabling
- changed network cards

Our network team does not indicate any issues with the switch logs. No other servers are reacting this way.
Still dies at 9:30 each night for 8 mins and periodically each morning.

Wierd one, eh?

Anyone seen this?