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I have just taken the top of the chassis off to add additional RAM, and the first thing I noticed is that one of the heatsinks was loose inside. I believe it is the heatsink for the chipset (it's situated just in front (or behind) of the processors. The problem is that one of the anchors for the arm of the heatsink it completely AWOL and is no where to be found inside.

Labels on the board indicate H1, H2 and HS1, with H2 being where the anchor should be but isn't.

How can I explain this to HP (we have extended carepacks) and would they come and fix it, or would they see it as self-damage, even though it is not?

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Re: DL380 G4 SCSI

As there are lots of Customer-Replaceable Units inside the chassis and you were specifically going to add some RAM (that's one of the CRUs), you have a perfectly valid reason for taking the top off.

Open a hardware support case with HP just as normal. Although detached heatsinks are fairly rare, they aren't completely unknown; I think I've seen two or three cases in about 10 years of sysadmin work.

James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: DL380 G4 SCSI

I Absolutely agree with Matti;
I have also seen many such cases. Since you saw this now, you are(should) reporting it to HP. Had you bought the additional DIMM on day 1, you still would have asked for the replacement. Since you have carepack on this server, there should not be any issues replacing it.

Gary Antonio Benavides
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Re: DL380 G4 SCSI

What heatsink is that one? Is that a gray heatsink next to the memories and infront of the second CPU?

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