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DL380 G4 SmartStart CD issue

Matt Norman
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G4 SmartStart CD issue

I am trying to rebuild this server, but I keep getting errors using the SmartStart CD. With the current version 8.30 x32 of the CD, I continuously get script errors from hp:smartstart/dojo/dojo.js:20 and hp:smartstart/js/hardwareinfo.js:73. I get the option to continue anyways, but I cannot get past the user agreement. I have also tried the previous version 8.25, but it just hangs on the initial loading screen. I have tried redownloading and reburning both CDs but have had no luck.

Another note is that it is currently running Windows Server 2008 x64 and was set up using the 8.25 x64 SmartStart CD. We are wanting to setup a 32-bit OS because of an old software program we will be using on the Server. Would it work to use the x64 version of the CD if we install a 32-bit OS? Or might there be some setting in the BIOS currently that is preventing the x32 CD from working?

I appreciate any help.