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DL380 G4, W2K, system mgmt homepage boosts cpu to 100%

Occasional Contributor

DL380 G4, W2K, system mgmt homepage boosts cpu to 100%

I've got a DL380 G4 with W2K server SP4 running on the latest drivers/agents.
This morning the server's cpu was running at 100% in the task manager. The process hpsmhd.exe was causing the trouble. I stopped the system management homepage service and the server ran normally again. I restarted the service and the server is still running normal.

Does anybody has a clue about this issue? Is possible to leave the system management homepage stopped (and the agents running)? Will it it still log?

Rich Purvis
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G4, W2K, system mgmt homepage boosts cpu to 100%

Unless the System Management Homepage is servicing requests (people browsing into port 2301/2381) it should not be taking a significant amount of CPU utilization. I personally have not seen this behavior before so it is difficult to comment as to how or why you saw this. However, you can leave it stopped, it will just not allow any web access to the agents or other management tools that you may have on the system. The agents are currently SNMP based so they should continue to operate with the web interface disabled. If you are running version control, it may not work as the VC Agent may check to see if the SMH is running. I personally don't run the agents like this but I have not heard of a reason why the SNMP agents would not continue to operate.

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