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DL380 G4 and Windows 2008 R2 ?

Russell Painter
Occasional Advisor

DL380 G4 and Windows 2008 R2 ?

This is a question regarding any known issues with windows 2008 R2 on DL380 G4 servers.
I already know that Win2008 R2 is not on the supported OS list.

I found that out after I had already successfully installed it on several dl380 g4 servers.

I am not sure why there is not more information on this. I see several instances on the internet where people have unknowingly installed this OS on the G4 without any notifications.

I see that the integrated management log viewer will not open, and I see some issues with PSPs.

I WANT TO ASK WHAT (IF ANY) ISSUES ARE “KNOWN” (BY HP TECH SUPPORT or anyone else) with regard to W2K8R2 on the dl380 G4?

I am already aware of the limitations with virtualization, and apparently, ILO.

I do not plan to use any virtualization with these servers.

Can anyone tell me if there are any other “known issues” with this combination?

I would greatly appreciate any information that anyone can provide.