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DL380 G4 iLO recovery

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DL380 G4 iLO recovery

Hello Everyone,

 I've ran into some issues with mentioned server. I've tried to update iLO from version 1.94 to 1.96 and the process end up in iLO recovery state. Now I've tried every guide possible and cannot recover iLO from this state.


 Basically currently it's accessible with last known configuration. I can ping it. I can access it over FTP with flash/recovery credentials, I can push firmware, but after reset it goes back to recovery state.


 Swithing Security off via jumper configuration changes nothing. HP recovery cd has iLO greyed out so nothing I can do there and there is no iLO configuration menu during server boot.


 Taking power cables out for quite some time also didn't help, so if any ideas are welcome. Server recently ran out of warranty, so that's also quite a pickle.


Anything else I can try?