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DL380 G4 in Duplex SCSI Mode

tony carnes
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G4 in Duplex SCSI Mode

This DL380 is currently configured in Duplex mode with 2 mirrored 72.8 GB drives on port 1 (drive 0) and 4 146.8 GB drives in raid 5 on port 2 (drive 1).

I would like to change the configuration to simplex so I can install an external SDLT on the external SCSI port (port 2).

If I remove the terminator and change to simplex will the system still recognize the configuration as stated above for drive 1 and drive 2?

The controller is an embedded 6i and I know it will work in that configuration as the server where the tape currently resides is configured that way. However it started out in Simplex with just the 2 mirrored drives, raid 5 drives were added later.

Any help will be appreciated.