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DL380 G4 screen problem

Occasional Contributor

DL380 G4 screen problem

Problem is:
We are not able to get screen view from dl380 G4 however if we do power reset from ilo it comes. I've changed the main board but problem still exist.
Any recommendations?

Michael Richter
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL380 G4 screen problem

please be more specific next time.
u got no view via ilo, isn't it!? or just no VGA Signal?

which Rom Version and ilO Fw u're using?
any 3rd Party Hardware ore faulty mems? any IML entries?

pleae specifiy the issue in detail

Brock Heidemann
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL380 G4 screen problem

I have this same problem. We ordered 10 new DL320 G4's and every single one of them has this issue.

This is what is going on...

We plugged in the power, video, keyboard and mouse. Turned the power on and the hard drive LED's flash for a second then turn off. The power LED is green and the status LED is also green but we get no video at all. We tried several different monitors, resat all the internal componets and still no video. After leaving one of the servers powered on for about 20 minutes the video finally decided to show itself.

I've never seen this happen before and I would normally think this would be a bad server but what are the chances that HP would ship us 10 broken servers?

Have any idea's?