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DL380 G4 (sles 8) SmartArray 6i-problem

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Danny Petterson - DK
Trusted Contributor

DL380 G4 (sles 8) SmartArray 6i-problem

Hi Gurus!

This is very important to me. Ive had an old DL3xx-server, where I moved one of the systemdisks (Suse Linux Enterprise 8), to a DL380 G4, and booted the machine. It works fine...but....

After reboot, I put in an aditional disk, to rebuild the systemdisk (it was RAID 1 on the original server), but it will not rebuild, because the all the disks on the DL380 is on port 2, and the "missing" disk (from the configuration from the old server, stored on the systemdisk Ive booted on) is supposed to be on port 1.

Ive tried everything I could come up with to replace the "missing" disk with a new one on port 2, using both GUI and hpacucli, but nothing works. I cant add a spare to the array, because it is in "interim recovery mode".

Workaround anyone? Its very important to me.

Thanx in advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G4 (sles 8) SmartArray 6i-problem


If you were able to swap the SCSI ports around at the front of the server you could get port 1 to own the SCSI ID's 0 and 1.

The default on the G4 as you know is that port 2 owns SCSI ID's 0 and 1 which is preventing the rebuild. (See attached image).

Another way would be to fit a PCI based Smart Array controller temporarily and run the cable from port 1 (For example a 5302)to the first half of the backplane to allow the rebuild. You would not need to boot into the operating system, just wait at POST until the disk rebuilds and the light goes steady.

I hope this helps.

Danny Petterson - DK
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL380 G4 (sles 8) SmartArray 6i-problem

Thanx, i did something like that, I cabled scsi port 1 to the disks, instead of the original port 2.

But what Ive had hoped for, was the ability to just tell the SmartArray, using hpacucli og whatever, to build the missing disk on something else, like you could do on the mylex-controller 10 years+ ago.

But again thanx very much.