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DL380 G4 sound card problems

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DL380 G4 sound card problems

Soundblaster Audigy SE sound card fails to produce sound when installed in any slot of the PCI-X riser cage. Driver install and config went off without a hitch. No irq conflicts. Card passes all "Creative Diagnostics" except speaker test with known good speakers. Card itself also verified in another (nonserver) system.
Suspect Audigy card not compatible with PCI-X or PCI-X bus as implemented in the G4 is not fully PCI-X compliant.
Please advise of similar experience and solutions achieved and/or recommend another sound card which works in this config.
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Re: DL380 G4 sound card problems

1- Get a full PCI compatible card, a one that fits the PCI slots specs.

2- If it doen's work, sorry but it's unsupported.

Why, servers hardware and software even firmware are not meant to be used with soundcards, video cards, modems, etc. They are meant for performance over multimedia.

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Re: DL380 G4 sound card problems

Hi Panderson,

This card is a 24-bit/96kHz whereas the server has PCI-X slot which is a 64-bit/100MHz minimum.

So it might not be compatible with the server eventhough the drivers seems to be installed.

Refer this:

Hope this answers!!!!!